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About Us

Dena Co. - Design & Manufacturing of indesterial Machines & Production LinesWith over 30 years of experience, Dena manufacturing partakes in growth, innovation and development of our beloved country, Iran, relying upon its knowledge, experience, innovative ideas and modern equipments. This company has been active in different varieties of design and calculation, production of industrial machineries and production lines.

In some particular areas, Dena manufacturing is unique in production of some specific machineries. Most of machineries and equipments produced in this factory are produced for the first time in Iran, and in case of simulation, they have better quality compared to the foreign one’s.

shear apparatus for castellated beam, curve (bend) apparatus for I beam, waste material shredder, mill pulverizer, automatic casting machine for anode ingot and anode copper, automatic press for floor fabrication from rusty rubber (tire), …were design and produced by this factory for the first in Iran and distributed nation wide.

Today, Dena manufacturing with a total area of 1750 square meters and its promising background ensures a dependable cooperation, providing machineries and production lines for your industrial and production projects.

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